Sending automated emails is not always a very easy task. Depending on the IP of the server where you are sending the emails from, they could easily end up in the junk inbox of your destinatary. For this reason, we have decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to send emails using SMTP and C#. This means, that we don’t even need to call their API for this task.

1. Sign up and set up

  • Sign up for AWS Simple Email.
  • Log in the AWS Management Console and verify sending email addresses by confirming that you can receive emails.
  • In the dashboard you can find the SMTP Settings:
    • Server name:
    • Port: 587
  • Create SMTP credentials from the Management Console. (username / password)

At this point all the configuration is finished, and the only thing left is to write some code in C# to send the email:

2. AWS SES Sandbox and Production

By default, when we register in simple email service, we are in a sandbox environment. That means that we can only send emails from verified addresses to verfied addresses. We need to request access to production. It doesn’t take long to get approved, and then you can send emails from verfied addresses to any email address.

3. AWS SES Sending Quota

AWS to asure that this service is used properly, they track the emails sent and set a limit per day. Initially the limit is set to 1000 emails per day. Ideally we need to check if we can send the email or take a different action. We need to use the API for this: