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SAAS Ecom Available in NuGet

After listening to the feedback, publish it via NuGet to make it easier to integrate it in new projects, makes a lot of sense.

Currently, two NuGet packages are available: SaasEcom.Core and SaasEcom.FrontEnd. I’ll show how it can be used in an MVC project:

The source code for this sample is available in GitHub

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SAAS Ecom: Open Source Billing for .NET MVC 5 / Stripe

Update: SAAS Ecom is now available in NuGet.

Lately I’ve been thinking of several ideas to offer as Software As A Service, and normally there are several “parts” on any of these systems:

  • Public webiste: where you explain your services / prices and let your potential customer to sign up for your trial.
  • Subscriber area: where your customers login to use the service they have subscribed to, view their invoices, upgrade, etc.
  • Admin / Billing area: this is where the business owners can log in, see customers, sign ups, cancellations, invoices, etc.
  • Application that you offer: This is possible the most important part of all four, because if the customers are not interested in this, they’re not going to sign up.

From the previous four points we can conclude, that the subscriber / billing areas are necessary, but theyare not the core of your SAAS business, but it takes a lot of time and effort to devlop them. There are some companies that offer this kind of product as a service (Recurly, Chargify, Spreedly, ChargeBee, CheddarGetter). Now I’ve started an open source initiative: SAAS Ecom, based in .NET MVC 5, C# integrated with Stripe for payments. Source code available in github, and you can also visit theDemo hosted in Azure websites.

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Azure Cloud Services and Elasticsearch / NoSQL Cluster (PAAS)

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about how to deploy a web project that I’m working on. My preference was to use Azure Websites, so I don’t have to worry about infrastructure and I can focus only on developing my web app. My requirements are: MVC 5 website, Web API 2, SQL server and Elasticsearch cluster. I don’t want to expose this cluster to the public internet, so it has to be accessible only from my Web Server. (Note: this part could be replaced with MongoDB or any other NoSQL variant that you’d prefer to use, the architecture of your project would be similar).

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Simple Chat in C# and SignalR (Websockets on Steroids)

Lately I’ve been reading a bit about SignalR and thinking of the different possibilities. The “hello world” of Real-Time applications, seems to be a chat, there we go:

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Finally User Management Done Properly: ASP.NET Identity 2.0

A few days ago, the .NET team announced an update to the new ASP.NET Identity library with a bunch of new features. Finally we have a library in .NET that can compete with Devise in Rails world.

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App Bar Icons for Windows 8 Metro

These are the icons available by default for the App Bar:

Large Version

Image Resize: Squared Thumbnail in C#

This is a code snippet that I use and reuse in many projects, I thought that it’d be useful to publish it.
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SSL on Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) in AWS Using MVC and IIS

Recently we decided to host a campaign website in AWS using EC2. The site had to run only under SSL / HTTPS, so we needed to redirect the users trying to use HTTP to the HTTPS protocol. That can be set up on IIS using the rewrite module, because this solution didn’t work. We ended up doing the redirect in code. Continue reading

AWS Simple Email Using SMTP and C#

Sending automated emails is not always a very easy task. Depending on the IP of the server where you are sending the emails from, they could easily end up in the junk inbox of your destinatary. For this reason, we have decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to send emails using SMTP and C#. This means, that we don’t even need to call their API for this task.

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